"I heartly reccommend Dominic Smith. He is a hardworking, intelligent and reliable person. He is prompt and his work is always of the highest standard."

Dr. Jim Tucker

“Dominic has been taking care of my yard work for over a year now. He is prompt, professional, energetic and respectful. He shows great pride in his work.
I am a perfectionist, and when Dominic is finished in my yard, I’m left with a sense of accomplishment. Thats something!!
I would highly recommend his services. His disabled seniors discount also helps me a great deal."

Roger R

"I have been a resident of Victoria BC for twenty years and attest that Dominic Smith has serviced my yard with landscaping, lawn mowing and trimming of my ornamental shrubs since 2012. I further testify that he had provided the most valuable expert service and his sincerity, punctuality, and the thoroughness of the work he performed were truly admirable.
I would recommend him to any of my acquaintances who may need landscaping services."

Khin Aye Than

"I highly recommend Dom for spring/summer garden care and also for fall garden cleaning up. Dom is knowledgeable and courteous, and all work is done promptly and efficiently. I always appreciate his help in keeping my property attractive and I enjoy the peace of mind that he provides."

Jessie Zhang

"My House on Richmond Rd was right under Mount Tolmie and the yard was constantly picked at by deer and raccoons. I had a wonderful gentleman tend to the prickle bushes and the weeds around the grass. He even went the extra mile to sort out the giant holly Bush protruding into my carport. In the front yard under the windows there was a mess of nature as well. Without help from Dominic's Landscaping business I feel my house would have been swallowed by overgrowth of weird trees, grass and bushes. I will be using his services every time."

Laurel Bowes

"Dom is personable, very hard-working and strong. He's been a 'can-do' guy for me for years and has always done a great job!"

Kathy Roth

"I hired Dominic many years ago to do a rather difficult and boring job on my living room -- scraping off multiple layers of wallpaper in preparing an old lath and plaster wall for painting. He was focused and tenacious. Most important was his eye for detail. He didn't miss one bit of wallpaper and so the subsequent paint job was beautiful."

John Farquharson

Before and After